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Wednesday, 15 October 2008


If you're anything like me, you think you can never have too many bags. Well, you're right! You start to see all those different shapes, textures, colors and you can't help yourself.

This little pouch is great when you're just making a quick run to the shops. yunisacs £8

Another great little pouch from yunisacs this one's a pencil case, £8.

I love, love the little ladybirds holding hands on this pouch. I have one that's a similar shape and I keep all of my jewellery in it, it's great. Nicsknots for £10.

The fabric on this coin pouch is so cute, and it would make a great souvenir if you have any friends coming to visit the UK. It's handprinted and available in 3 colours from PlainJaneTextiles £11.

Gorgeous fabrics and really nice little pleats on this clutch. The strap is convertible so you can use it as a wristlet on nights out and keep your hands free while dancing. LoobyLou £14.95

This clutch is so classic and feminine, £18 from Sow'sEar

The leather looks so supple on this pouch and the studs are a really nice accent. £25 from pepperminttwist

The colors on this bag go with anything and it's big enough that you can fit any/everything into it. yunisacs £24

I like the solid/print contrast on this bag, and if you look closely there's a small diamante detail on the print section. bagladee £50

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