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Wednesday, 15 October 2008


If you're anything like me, you think you can never have too many bags. Well, you're right! You start to see all those different shapes, textures, colors and you can't help yourself.

This little pouch is great when you're just making a quick run to the shops. yunisacs £8

Another great little pouch from yunisacs this one's a pencil case, £8.

I love, love the little ladybirds holding hands on this pouch. I have one that's a similar shape and I keep all of my jewellery in it, it's great. Nicsknots for £10.

The fabric on this coin pouch is so cute, and it would make a great souvenir if you have any friends coming to visit the UK. It's handprinted and available in 3 colours from PlainJaneTextiles £11.

Gorgeous fabrics and really nice little pleats on this clutch. The strap is convertible so you can use it as a wristlet on nights out and keep your hands free while dancing. LoobyLou £14.95

This clutch is so classic and feminine, £18 from Sow'sEar

The leather looks so supple on this pouch and the studs are a really nice accent. £25 from pepperminttwist

The colors on this bag go with anything and it's big enough that you can fit any/everything into it. yunisacs £24

I like the solid/print contrast on this bag, and if you look closely there's a small diamante detail on the print section. bagladee £50

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


I swear I'm not choosing entry themes by alphabetical order and time will bear this out. This post's all about art on Folksy. If you've just moved into a new home, flat, uni halls, re-decorating, or just want to buy a piece of art, check out Folksy. It was so hard to choose amongst all of the artists and the pieces so if you follow any of the links don't forget to see what else the artists have to offer in their stores.

Starting things off is a digital print of one of my favorite spots in Edinburgh, Victoria Street. From artquirk £10

Another city scene from artquirk, Riga £10

A limited run print of a moment in Reykjavik by EmmaJaneFalconer £7.50

A signed photographic print of my favorite city in the world from Gems Art £8

An ethereal limited run print from GilflingDesigns £20. Another option is the set of 8postcards £8

Another gorgeous print from GilflingDesigns, this one's a limited edition as well, £20.

I'm not entirely sure what this is of, I just know I really like it. An original mixed media piece on canvas from TishTash £45

I love vintage cameras and it turns out I also love images of vintage cameras. An original woodcut print from TheLapwingPrintworks £20

A very modern looking giclee print with lots of gorgeous shades of blue. IllusioCreative £15


Another "A" title, this entry is all about our animal friends.

I love this little guy (I have to admit to a weakness for owls in general though) and he/she comes with a complimentary card. FurRock £5

A sleepy, scented owl from POUCH £6.75

I love how intricate this piece is, a layered paper sculpture by HelenMusselwhite £50

Elegance in simplicity, a solid fine silver dove necklace from Bbel £32

A machine embroidered head scarf (which can also be used as a regular scarf) from nell £26

A pair of hair ties from creamrose £3

A handsewn badge of a Scottish Terrier with a cute pearl-ended chain as a nice detail. HandmadewithAmour £8.20

A business card holder but I can see keeping all of my different id cards in it instead. BigBlueBed £6

CuteDesigns says that this little monkey's sleepy, but I think he's just had a few too many. Unlike humans who've had a few too many, this guy's still cute. £0.75

The Big Bad Wolf never looked so cute! ZoeWoods £7.99

Three little piggies went to your home? A set of magnets from creamrose £5

For the lemur lover in your life (get used to the alliteration now people) a screen printed tote from thebirchtree £4.50

A tiny (seriously, only about the size of a 20 p coin!) amigurumi from Amy-gurumi's £4.50


It's getting crisp enough to want to layer up a bit but not quite cold enough to really bundle up so here are a few accessories and a few autumnal items.

A gorgeous silk, hand painted scarf from Sendem £40

A handwoven scarf in lambswool by curiosityKilled £55

Another handwoven piece, this time a shawl made of recycled cotton from WeavermaniaProductions £85

A very chic skirt made of corduroy by AbiBansalDesigns £44

Something for your toddler, a little reversible jacket from KitschyCoo £30

I love these earrings from PennyDog £5, I actually thought she'd managed to find and cut up very tiny apples and then set them in resin. (Which is actually both funny and a little sad if you think about it.)

Lovely colors in this bracelet by paisleychainsaw £10

Gorgeous earth tones in this necklace by GillyflowerJewellery £18

The last item isn't strictly autumnal, but it is adorable (and scented). OliveandHarry £8.50

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Hello all, this is edinburger and I'll be contributing to Folksy Finds and helping oldbagcrafts out. I'll be trying to post at least a couple of times a day and any input or criticism is appreciated. Here are a few items to get you into the Halloween spirit! (All images are property of the respective sellers.)

Ghost Stud Earrings from Kitsch & Kaboodle £2.00

Pumpkin Stud Earrings from Kitsch&Kaboodle £2.00

Chesire Cat Pendant from Spiderling Art £17.99

Mr. Flying Skully Earrings from Goldy'sGoodies £3.00

A bit of an international twist with the Day of the Dead Necklace from ThaneeyaMcArdle £11

Monster Box from Misericordia £5

Franken-Owl from daisylily £7

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Have you found Folksy yet?

Well have you? It's the fabulous new UK online market for all things handmade, currently in beta (testing) stage but just moments away from full scale launch. Lots of incredibly talented UK sellers have signed up and listed their handcrafted goodies, from cards and soaps to clothing and jewellery with everything imaginable inbetween.

Come back soon and check out the featured items and sellers - it's a snapshot of the creativity and diversity available on Folksy.com.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Cocoa Butter Bath Melts

by purplesparklecrafts

red lines - chunky canvas

red lines - chunky canvas
Originally uploaded by lusummers
by lusummers

jul18 092

jul18 092
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by soapchica