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Tuesday, 14 October 2008


It's getting crisp enough to want to layer up a bit but not quite cold enough to really bundle up so here are a few accessories and a few autumnal items.

A gorgeous silk, hand painted scarf from Sendem £40

A handwoven scarf in lambswool by curiosityKilled £55

Another handwoven piece, this time a shawl made of recycled cotton from WeavermaniaProductions £85

A very chic skirt made of corduroy by AbiBansalDesigns £44

Something for your toddler, a little reversible jacket from KitschyCoo £30

I love these earrings from PennyDog £5, I actually thought she'd managed to find and cut up very tiny apples and then set them in resin. (Which is actually both funny and a little sad if you think about it.)

Lovely colors in this bracelet by paisleychainsaw £10

Gorgeous earth tones in this necklace by GillyflowerJewellery £18

The last item isn't strictly autumnal, but it is adorable (and scented). OliveandHarry £8.50

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Swirlyarts said...

That shawl made of recycled cotton is gorgeous.